As the #1 regional media brand the Star Tribune will support this event with a $1 million+, extensive in-market multi-media promotional campaign.

The media plan will include TV, Radio, Print, Online/Social Media and Outdoor advertising.

 Click here to download the marketing plan.

  • Network TV will be part of the plan and will target a qualified audience that is interested in travel and looking for vacation options.

    • TV commercials will run a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the event. Commercials will run during local news and other targeted programming.
    • We will work with TV stations to develop unique promotions that include participation from well-known personalities in the Twin Cities.
    • TV plans may also include on-site promotions and/or inclusion in on-site features.
  • 3-4 popular radio stations will be included on the media plan to reach our target audience. A significant amount of promotional support (including, but not limited to ticket giveaways) will be part of the plan which will deliver added coverage for the show!

    • Radio commercials will run 3 weeks prior to the event. Promotions/contests/ticket giveaways will run prior to that. Commercials will run primarily during AM and PM drive.
    • We will work to have radio station personalities and promotions on site which will create more hype for the event.
  • Strategically placed billboards will run throughout Twin Cities 3-4 weeks leading up to the event.  These billboards will deliver an estimated 3 million impressions.

  • Utilizing the power of Star Tribune, the print portion of the marketing campaign will be aggressive.

    • A minimum of 1,500 column inches (12 full-pages) of strategically placed advertising will run in Star Tribune.
    • Star Tribune front-page wrap the Sunday prior to the event.
    • The October issue of Star Tribune Magazine will include a 20-page show guide and cover story focused on travel. Show guide also to be distributed at event.

    Print ads will also be placed in City Pages which will help us reach the more adventurous, educated, young adults. The Beer Pavilion will also be promoted heavily in City Pages.

  • Very targeted and robust online advertising will be utilized to reach our target audience.

    • High-impact display banners across the StarTribune.com network, including mobile, desktop and tablet.
    • We will partner with TV and Radio to enhance plans in addition to developing other online marketing tactics.
    • Direct promotion to more than 200,000 subscribers of Star Tribune e-mail products. Additional e-mails promoting the show will be targeted to key demographics using the Star Tribune Advantage network.
    • Display ads to be placed on City Pages website. City Pages print and online will help us reach 660,000 people.

    In addition to the above mentioned online advertising, we will work to secure online presence on websites of our TV and Radio partners.

  • Targeted subscriber communication (bill stuffers) with special discount ticket offers.

  • Extensive show promotion utilizing Star Tribune reach (more than 500,000 likes and followers) on social platforms, plus additional targeted Facebook advertising to key demographics.

    • We will develop fun promotions that encourage interaction and create excitement for the show!
  • In addition to the paid media plan, we will have a strategic Public Relations plan that will significantly increase exposure for the show.  We have already informed media about the show and will be pitching media aggressively leading up to the show.